The South African Tissue Bank Association (SATiBA) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to support all South African tissue banks in regulatory and legal matters, data collection, training, accreditation, quality assurance, communication and collaboration, and more.
As a newly accepted observer member of WUTBA (World Union of Tissue Bank Associations), SATiBA is proud to have been granted this great opportunity to host the world congress and warmly invites all interested in tissue banking.
Having recognised that not all the elements of tissue banking are defined within the SA Health Act, and taking into consideration the need expressed by industry partners, SATiBA has taken the decision to incorporate a number of disciplines within its operational definition of tissue banking, such as: Cornea & eye; Skin; Bone & tendons; Heart valves; Stem cells, Blood and blood related products; Amnion; Gametes; and Bone marrow.




Stimulating & Harmonising Global Tissue & Eye Banking Activities

Organised and hosted by SATIBA in association with WUTBA

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